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What is the role of Workforce Planning Ontario?

As a network we facilitate formal communication among Ontario’s local workforce planning boards, and the sharing of information, results and best practices.

Creating Community Connections!

Ontario’s workforce planning boards cover a cross-section of employment sectors and have the data, resources and know-how to connect the right people and organizations at the local and provincial levels.

Over the years, these boards have built and maintained strong relationships with community partners and helped make possible over 1,000 partnership projects/activities such as:

  • Employer breakfasts to promote apprenticeship Information sessions for women, entrepreneurs and internationally trained professionals
  • Workshops to raise awareness of challenges faced by persons with disabilities
  • Career fairs to promote skilled trades as viable and rewarding careers
  • Valuable tools and resources for use by the employer community including employer guides, research reports and best practices.

On this site, you can locate boards by region and review community reports, learn about local employment services, programs and partnerships, or link to other labour market sites.

Get Involved

Every individual or group can play a vital role in a community’s labour market. The work of Ontario’s workforce planning boards is greatly enhanced when a cross-section of community members get involved – representatives from business, labour, education and training, youth, women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Francophones and Aboriginals.

Support your local workforce planning and development board. Become a volunteer board member, community partner, or participate in local surveys and consultations.